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About Us

Image the scene - you walk into the high street sofa retailer and find the sofa that will look perfect in your home. Then you see the price... Your bank account starts shouting in your ear, you have to choose between a new sofa or a holiday in the Seychelles but you can't have both. Well we at Factory Outlet Sofa Superstore say why not? Go and enjoy your time in the sun and then come back and relax on a brand new sofa for up to half the price of the high street retailers.

Factory Outlet Sofa Superstore specialises in cancelled orders, redundant lines, discontinued stock, distressed stock and ex-showroom models. We get all our stock from the big PLC companies at a fraction of the retail cost and thus we can then pass the savings onto you. And none of the 12 weeks waiting period that you get with the big companies. All our stock is actual stock and not display. We only sell what we actually have so you can have it in your home within a matter of days - and, on the odd occurance - even a few hours!

We have over 200 sofas, corner units and chairs on display at any given time in both fabric and leather so you have plenty to choose from. In fact, we have such an eclectic range that we're confident to say that if you can't find it at Factory Outlet Sofa Superstore then it probably won't be found anywhere else.

Making the right choice

There are several key points to think about when choosing your ideal sofa. Style, materials, colour, comfort, durability, size and configuration. Recent surveys have said that up to 40% of sofa owners aren't happy with their decision, and its all down to the above criteria. Something as simple as a slight mis-measurement can make a perfect sofa purchase into a sofa that simply looks wrong or is too big to fit into a room. It could also even be a simple case of colour, your lighting wont be the same as the big industrial lights and thus when in situ the colours may look dull. We're all different and every sofa is different too and we don't buy them that often so we're not all experts in them.

Like for like from the leading PLC stores in the UK, we are up to 50% cheaper. And with finance options of up to 5 years as well you'd have to be crazy to surpass such amazing prices.

Informed choices and knowledgable staff

All our sales staff are trained to know what makes a great sofa. Good information and expert advice will make you happier when purchasing and more confident in your choice. Our vision is to create exceptional experiences that empower the best choices and make you happy and we think that by doing it well, our sales will take care of themselves.

I'll know it when I see it

With over 30 years in the sofa business, we've come to know that what you see isn't always what you expect. Whether it's comfort, colour, the type of leather or getting the size right we know that there's a bit more than looks to get right when it comes to your new sofa. Imagine getting it home and hating the comfort or maintenance for instance. That's why we do it different and we offer a bit more help that goes into the best decisions.

Getting it right first time is our priority

If we deliver a sofa that you later on start to dislike then it's not good for you and it's not good for our reputation either. We care about both factors. If you're not happy then neither are we. We thinks it better to take your time and get the best product for the best price and still be happy about your sofa set for years to come.

You choose

Imagine that picture again, you come home from a long hard day at work to find your ideal sofa waiting for you to relax on. It's stylish, its the right material, its comfy and the colours are perfect. Its not too big, or too small so it fits your room perfectly. It stands up to the daily rigour of the family and the pets and it makes your house a home. Pure perfection. Thats what we want when we sell you your new sofa set.

...Now, how about that holiday?